Is MuTu for you?

OK, so this is just the coolest thing:

I’ve recently learned that a friend of mine, Dee Macolly, is certified in a world-renowned specialized fitness system for recently (or not-so-recently…their website says it’s for women who’ve given birth “6 weeks ago or 6 years ago or more”) postnatal women.  The system is called MuTu (“moo too”), and it is a progressive program that works to heal Diastasis Recti, and strengthen the pelvic floor, core, and then some.  Dee is the only MuTu Pro listed in Tennessee, and she’s right here!  She is a director at a local Women’s Care Center, has a heart for helping prenatal and postnatal mamas, and is a mama herself.  I wish that I had had a kind, gentle soul like Dee to help me get strong after childbirth.  If you or anyone you know could use some post-baby strengthening, Dee is 100% your person.  Reach out to her; you will not regret it.

Dee Macolly: