Flex & Flexibility

So my wee friend Amy (wee because she’s like five feet “tall”–her husband just carries her around in his coat pocket) is teaching a class at the Premiere studio complex in Seymour.  I went last night and it’s a great class.  I like the name, for one–very Jane Austenish, don’t you think?  And the music Amy plays during class is very Jane too.  It was just a really relaxing, gentle stretching class with some yoga and Pilates elements.  Love.  Would be great for dancers, runners, or anyone just wanting an evening wind-down after a long day of being a person.

So nice to see this kind of thing in Seymour.  Amy’s not from around here, and she definitely has brought her NotFromAroundHereness with her, in the best possible way.

Just go.

7:30, Tuesday evenings, Premiere, Flex & Flexibility.

doodling + guts

My friend Stephanie, my Ninja Sewing & Art Master, showed me this book a few weeks ago when I went to pick up my daughter at her house.  Of course she was drawing with my daughter and her own daughter.  Of course she takes the time out of her super busy schedule to do stuff like this with her kids.  I got the book, and, yep, this zen doodling is indeed very relaxing.  It’s hard to not slow down and breathe deeply when you’re drawing.



I like doodling on blank cards because I have eleven nieces and nephews under the age of sixteen, plus my own kids, and one of those stinkers is always having a birthday, and I am quite frequently without card.  And it helps to have one handy.

And totally unrelated (this blog could probably be called “Totally Unrelated”)…look at these plush organs.  The tonsil!  The liver!  The appendix!  I just signed up for their newsletter!

I’m a little bit sick right now, so maybe I won’t be as excited about the plush organs in a few days.  They’re awesome, right?  Right?

little ditties + news

More great workout music I’ve been enjoying.  Just thought I’d share.

We Walk on Water–Shonlock

Crowns & Thorns (Oceans)–Kb

Nothing I Can’t Do–Tedashii

Unbelievable–Owl City

My Everything–Owl City

Oh! And my friends at Strange Little Breakfasts and A Game Fitness and I are working on something splendidly fun for the Seymour community!  I’m very happy!  It involves food, exercise, and friendship.  All at once!  Sweet-mannered culinary school graduate…check.  Encouraging, people-loving fitness instructor…check.  Quiet exercise nerd (me)…check.

It’s going to be great.  And you know why?  Because God is going to be there too.  And when He is in something, well, that’s when things get amazing.

So more on that soon.

Bye.  Happy weekend.

a humble tea plug

I love tea.  It’s my friend Maria’s fault.  She got me a beautiful white tea cup and a Harney & Sons tin of chamomile several years ago, and away I went.  Now it’s cups and kettles and infusers and leaves, and it’s in a big breadbox, and in the cabinets, and in the pantry, and in my bedroom.


Maybe someday I’ll have a chance to make you some hot tea on a cold winter day in my little kitchen, or some iced tea on a hot day.  Or maybe you’d like to try the whole tea thing yourself?  Continue reading