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Barre class at Riversong Dance is on holiday right now. First class of the year will be Wednesday January 18th at 7:30 pm.

That’s 4 weeks of break! If you’re like me, coasting isn’t an option. I have to keep up a workout routine or I gain weight, lose muscle, and become less limber. And I just feel bad.

Here’s what I’ll be doing for the next month:

I purchased Body by Simone on Amazon (tip: buy used) and have begun her core workout . It’s a nice switch-up because it requires a few accessories, such as resistance bands, that we don’t use at the studio .

Tonight I started a 45-day free trial of Grokker so that I can access Brett Larkin‘s yoga + barre workout. She is my fav yoga instructor . Her humble, gentle demeanor . . . love .

I am going to make an effort to swim once a week for the next month. I rarely swim because I get so cold. Also I have asthma and something about a breast stroke makes me wheeze like nothing else. It’s weird. But I need to work on my shoulders and that annoying anterior deltoid tilt thing I have going on, and so I will swim (here).

Also. . . I was talking to my pastor tonight, and it looks like Seymour United Methodist will be offering a Wednesday evening course beginning in January called Made to Crave. I will be helping facilitate this, and I’m excited! It’s a 6-week course that really addresses the mental/emotional/spiritual facets of our health choices, and encourages a lot of introspection and discussion. The premise is that we are indeed made to crave,  but we often crave things that harm us (like food) .  And then there is a 6-week follow-up course that the author developed with a physician that really gets to the nuts and bolts of fitness. Should be good. I think SO OFTEN we attempt to self-treat our physical issues without addressing the underlying emotional issues that led us to unhealthy behaviors in the first place.

Also, registration for Get Fit Seymour is going on now, with a late-January program start date. Word is I’ll be leading an early morning barre class AND a late evening barre class at the Get Fit/The Pound studio in Seymour. Gretchen, the owner, is pregnant. Valerie, the Riversong Dance Studio owner, is pregnant. So I’ll have two pregnant bosses. Perhaps you are a pregnant studio owner who needs a barre instructor? I make really cute baby blankets, just saying.

Guess that’s it. I’ll post here in a week or so, but for now I wish you all a most joyful Christmas . Shalom! ~Shannon


SUP ya’ll

SUP= Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Got to go last night; my adventurous friend Sherry invited me.  It was so fun! I don’t have any pictures!

This cool guy Tim and his cool wife take small groups out and you get to go around wee islands and float about in a circle with your friends and chat, and then paddle around some more islands, and Tim has this amazing dog that has its own little life jacket, and it swims around and tries to jump from board to board while Tim tries to be all serious and helpful, but you can tell he loves that dog and is getting quite a kick out of its antics.

And you can do yoga on the boards, if you want.  And you can have races.  And you can watch your friends have races while you try to race, but instead just keep going in circles.

And you can stay out til sunset, and then meander back down Foothills Parkway, enjoying the Tennessee summer.

You’re in, right?

Call Little River Trading Company in Maryville (865-681-4141) and ask about their SUP clinics.  All you do is show up with a bottle of water, sunscreen, a towel, and $15. They have all the other stuff.

Tim is the guide’s name.  Tell him to bring his dog.