stay off the boulders

I got a catalog the other day with an ad in it for the company’s athletic clothing line.  Here it is.

Exactly nobody I have ever known–marathoners, half marathoners, casual runners–runs like this.

The jagged boulders.

Those pants.

The fog.

That steady outward gaze, as if she doesn’t need to look down because she does this like every morning, and she knows those boulders like the back of her little hand, and, besides, she has good insurance and she’s in-network.






It’s not about the shoes, or the clothes, or the cars, or the house….

It’s just sweaty, stinky, sometimes hot, sometimes humid, sometimes rainy, sometimes cold…work.

No glamor, no status, no comparison.  Just you, your own resolve, your own life, your own rewards.

Stay off the boulders.