World’s worst title there.

So here’s something positive about getting older: you get to know your body better.  Because when you’ve seen something happen enough times, you will finally make a connection.  Like Ohhhhhhh, when I eat garlic I feel all itchy.  Or Ohhhhhhh, when I don’t drink enough water my allergy symptoms seem worse.  Continue reading

Consider the Hemp Seed

Do you know anything about hemp hearts/seed?  I really didn’t until recently.  I hear about “super foods” and my eyes glaze over.  I’m so not running to Whole Foods to load up on the latest food trend–kombucha, rooibos, quinoa, jicama…  What is it this week?  Ghee?  Clarified butter?  Butter from grass-fed Irish cows?

OK, but hemp seed made me look.  If you have a moment, read this.  And then just get some.  (I found it on an actual shelf at an actual store–Kroger in Maryville.)  And then start by making these delicious things.  Then mix some flaxseed and hemp seed into some peanut butter and eat it with an apple.  Cannot.  Go.  Wrong.

8 ideas

So I could go into this whole long diatribe against modern American busyness…

About how we run our kids around to do all the activities, because we’re afraid if we don’t they’ll be deprived, or wounded at their core, or emotionally stunted.  Or they won’t get into a good college because they haven’t done enough activities, relative to their peers.  And then they won’t get good jobs.  And then they’ll be poor and sad.  And they won’t be able to drive their own kids to all the activities.

And that wouldn’t be fair, and life is all about fairness, so… Continue reading

Don’t Eat This, Don’t Eat That

So, the last I heard, the Bible is still a top seller.  Like the top seller.  And as much as we may enjoy books like Against All Grain, their peak sales will probably not top that 5 billion mark, and their wisdom probably not exceed God’s.  And what a relief.  Because if I followed every bit of “advice” I’ve read lately, I’d be wasting away on, like, chia seeds.  I love this bit from Producer Sherri–the wheat germ!!–but even that wheat germ would be banned in a lot of diets.  And then what, just water?  Maybe not. Continue reading