Hi there!

I’m Shannon.  I’m an ACSM-certified personal trainer, a NETA-certified group exercise instructor, and I live in Seymour, TN.  I was born in 1977.  I have two teenagers.  I wish I had a camel.  I train women exclusively, because A) I look at training as not just something to do with my time, but kind of as a ministry as well, and my heart is in mothering and wifing (just made that word up) and just helping other women be healthy inside and out. B) My quiet, freckly, blue-eyed husband is, honestly, the only guy I want to spend a lot of time with.

I’m a little bit shy.  I’m a bit of a homebody.  I am so much more comfortable one-on-one than in loud social settings.  I love being outside.  Sometimes I forget to talk because I’m too busy looking at little things or listening to little sounds.  What this means for you:  I’d prefer (although I never know what God has in store for me…) not to work in gym settings.  I would love to work with you at your residence or at a park.  I really like at-home workouts that involve calisthenics/body weight exercises and yoga.  I like jogging and hiking as well, and would absolutely jog with you or help you begin a jogging routine.

I eat a lot of eggs–because we have chickens, but also I like eggs.  I’m very glad God thought of eggs.  (And sweet potatoes!) I’d be happy to show you some delicious ways to cook eggs.  (Or sweet potatoes!) I’m not a nutritionist, but I do know this:  Sometimes all it takes is for one person to just take the time to show me how to do something once, and then I will feel confident enough to do it for the rest of my life.  I’ll bet there are a lot of people out there in the world who would love to be healthier, but nobody has ever taken the time to show them how.

I am praying that God will use me to show you how, and to help you live a fuller, more joyful life.

{And my right brain writes here.}



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