Just a little update…

Soooooooo……Looks like my Insta or Facebook pages are the way to go if you want updates.  [Big, sheepish grin.] But here’s an update:

I’m doing personal training through LeConte/Covenant Health in Pigeon Forge at the LeConte Wellness Center, which is on the second floor of the Pigeon Forge Community Center. I’m scheduled to be on the floor usually 2-3 times per week, but I can come in and train at times other than my scheduled work times if need be.  I work with several other trainers who are all wonderful, caring, very knowledgeable people, and any of them would help you if you’d like to start training.

I’m also available in Knoxville through the Lindsay Young Downtown Y.  I’ve been doing some aquatic training sessions there, but the training options there are wide open, so it’s whatever you prefer.  And, again, I’m not the only fish in that bowl, either.  They have a staff of great personal trainers who exist to help you, yes you, meet your fitness goals.

For both LeConte and the Y, you can either contact them, ask for me, and they’ll contact me, or you can message me and I’d be happy to help you out (although you’ll still have to purchase training directly from either facility). To avoid a conflict-of-interest, I’m limiting in-home training to the Maryville area at present, since Maryville is still part of my stompin ground, but not within convenient distance to either of my employers.

I’m still teaching barre classes (and still loving it) for the City of Pigeon Forge at the community center there.  Those are Mondays at 9am and 7pm.

I’m always available for corporate wellness/fitness consultation, should you be interested in implementing a comprehensive program to help address the $4000/year more that you’re spending on each one of your obese employees versus your normal-weight employees.  And there’s a lot more to it than telling people to eat less and move more.  You, employer, may be creating a toxic environment for your employees.  And you, employer, need to lead by example and start to listen to your employees.  [Little step down from my soap box.]

In late November/early December I’m slated to start teaching yoga on Tuesday/Thursday evenings in South Knoxville at Knoxville Martial Arts Academy.  I’m really happy about this, and just looking forward to being able to regularly practice my “brand” of yoga.  My brand of yoga is, basically, yoga with ulterior motives.  As in: What can I do on my yoga mat to help me run better/lift better tomorrow?, or How can I use this yoga session to stretch out what I’ve just kinked up by running/lifting?, or What can this yoga session do to help me completely calm down and de-stress and relax in the midst of chaos?  Yoga isn’t my god, my life, my cure-all, but it’s a big part of my health pie, and, bruh, does it not feel gooood after a long day?? So excited about this.

What else….?  Ah, OK, my husband and I are training for a half marathon in January (and then at least I, maybe he too, will, hopefully, do a full in May), so come rain, snow, sleet, or hail, we have to get our miles in.  So…if you ever want to run with us, holla.  Train leaves at least three days a week, and we’d love for you to come step in goose poop by the river with us.  We’re also doing CrossFit at Forge Fit in Pigeon Forge, and although it is kicking. our. butts. it’s, admittedly, a great workout and making all the difference in our running.  Also, the owner, Carina, has become a friend, and she’s been running with me and helping me meet my distance/time goals.  She’s a hard core marathoner/triathlete/Spartan racer, so if you ever need a running coach, or a CrossFit coach, this girl will get you where you need to be.

I’ve started working toward a Masters in Public Health, and that, along with my high-maintenance dalmatian, pretty much eats up the rest of my time.

A year ago I was in India loving on elephants; I wish to be there now, but it can’t happen–too much going on, but I’m thankful for busy days to keep my mind off worrying about my kids (one is in college here, one is in college in Chattanooga) or my family.   I’d love to get back to Rajasthan sooner than later, and I’ve got my eye on a few non-profits there.  But I’ve also got my eye on some corporate wellness stuff, and some prison ministry stuff…. Trying to take it one day, one adventure, one beautiful person at a time.  I’m still an innate introvert, but I’m surrounded by sooo many people now–so unique, so amazing in their talents and perseverance and hope and kindness.  Just wow. I love what I do.



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