The Perfect Bento Box

Our kitchen is like a circus right now.  I’m learning how to Instant Pot, and all my Instant Pot paraphernalia is everywhere, and my daughter has decided to do the Whole 30 plan on her own, so all her Whole 30 stuff is also everywhere.  And then there’s our combined bento box stuff, and that’s what I’m writing about here.  We’re trying to do more meal prep on the weekends for  (opens in a new win upcoming weekday lunches, and are always searching for recipes/ideas/things to make all that easier.  A few weeks ago we discovered these bento box lunch kits on Amazon, and I have to say they’re just the best.  I’ve used little containers in the past, but they’re either not dishwasher safe, not stackable, or not easy to fit into a cooler.  This little system has it all–lots of compartments, it’s freezer/microwave/dishwasher safe, stackable, BPA-free, and they come with their own insulated cooler.  And they even have a spoon and chopsticks!  I know, nothing earth-shattering, but they have made my life easier, so I thought I’d share.

And these are a trusty fall-back, just no dedicated cooler.  I still like all the separate compartments, though.  I hate it when my lunch becomes an unintended casserole.




Do you bento?  What do you like to pack for lunch?




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