World’s worst title there.

So here’s something positive about getting older: you get to know your body better.  Because when you’ve seen something happen enough times, you will finally make a connection.  Like Ohhhhhhh, when I eat garlic I feel all itchy.  Or Ohhhhhhh, when I don’t drink enough water my allergy symptoms seem worse. 

Approaching forty, I have made yet another connection: when I go for an extended period without downing a quality multivitamin every day, I get pretty intense cravings…that I cannot seem to satisfy, even by eating all the things.  I ran out of my sort-of-pricey multivitamins last month and decided, nah, I’d just get normal off-the-local-grocer’s-shelf vitamins.  I actually asked my husband to pick some up for me.  Heh.  He brought me vitamins for 50+ year-olds.  I’m not even 40.  I was like seriously?

Abstract thinkers.  Kill me.

Anyhow, I took the vitamins for awhile, but every single day I felt nauseous after taking them, and so I stopped.  And dragged my feet about ordering more.  And so now I am waiting on them to arrive in the mail, and noticing, for probably the fourth time in my procrastinating life, that when I’m not taking multivitamins, I’m craving something…but I don’t know what.  So then I eat to try to get whatever it is I’m craving.

I think that what’s going on is I don’t get adequate nutrition from my diet, but the multivitamins help make up for that deficiency in little ways I barely notice, until I run out.  The my body is looking for, I don’t know–selenium–in like everything.  Or magnesium.  Or vitamin D.  Or something.

So I’m going to take a quality multivitamin.  Every day of my life.  Except for when I’m lazy.  Because I think it keeps my body happy and keeps me from eating stuff I don’t really need in a crazy cellular quest for a micro-nutrient .

Perhaps you’d benefit from one too?

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