just a bit about BPM

I do this thing where I load a bunch of new songs onto my device–songs I think are really fast, that will really match my tempo (Heh. Not that I’m really fast.)–and then after the first run with my new playlist I’ve deleted nearly half the songs because they aren’t nearly fast as I thought they were, and they slow me down.  On the flip-side, if I am working out and my music is faster than I’m moving, I feel like I’m falling behind and I sort of want to quit.  The key is finding music with the appropriate beats per minute–or BPM– for my activity.  An idea of appropriate BPM for different workouts:

160 BPM range: crazy fast spin class, intense running

150 range: kickboxing, bootcamp, faster jogging

140 range: cardio, cardio dance, some indoor cycling, slowish jogging

130 range: step class, sculpt, some cardio dance, faster aquatics classes, TRX, barre, core conditioning

120 range:  step, sculpt, barre, aquatics

110-120 range:  sculpt, low-tempo work

100-110 range:  yoga, pilates, sculpt, cool-down

80-100 range:  yoga/pilates cooldown

And there are websites such as this one in which you can search songs according to BPM.  Or just Google “songs by BPM” or some such query.  And this is interesting regarding BPM and running.   One thing I love about barre workouts is that they get my heart rate up, but not to that point where I’m breathless and red-faced.  And I’m not so hungry for the next 24 hours as I am after a run.  I tend to think of the barre/core conditioning as for my muscles and bones, but the cardio as mainly for my heart and lungs and brain/mood.  But that’s just me.  It’s all good stuff. 🙂



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