Flex & Flexibility

So my wee friend Amy (wee because she’s like five feet “tall”–her husband just carries her around in his coat pocket) is teaching a class at the Premiere studio complex in Seymour.  I went last night and it’s a great class.  I like the name, for one–very Jane Austenish, don’t you think?  And the music Amy plays during class is very Jane too.  It was just a really relaxing, gentle stretching class with some yoga and Pilates elements.  Love.  Would be great for dancers, runners, or anyone just wanting an evening wind-down after a long day of being a person.

So nice to see this kind of thing in Seymour.  Amy’s not from around here, and she definitely has brought her NotFromAroundHereness with her, in the best possible way.

Just go.

7:30, Tuesday evenings, Premiere, Flex & Flexibility.

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