SUP ya’ll

SUP= Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Got to go last night; my adventurous friend Sherry invited me.  It was so fun! I don’t have any pictures!

This cool guy Tim and his cool wife take small groups out and you get to go around wee islands and float about in a circle with your friends and chat, and then paddle around some more islands, and Tim has this amazing dog that has its own little life jacket, and it swims around and tries to jump from board to board while Tim tries to be all serious and helpful, but you can tell he loves that dog and is getting quite a kick out of its antics.

And you can do yoga on the boards, if you want.  And you can have races.  And you can watch your friends have races while you try to race, but instead just keep going in circles.

And you can stay out til sunset, and then meander back down Foothills Parkway, enjoying the Tennessee summer.

You’re in, right?

Call Little River Trading Company in Maryville (865-681-4141) and ask about their SUP clinics.  All you do is show up with a bottle of water, sunscreen, a towel, and $15. They have all the other stuff.

Tim is the guide’s name.  Tell him to bring his dog.


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