a humble tea plug

I love tea.  It’s my friend Maria’s fault.  She got me a beautiful white tea cup and a Harney & Sons tin of chamomile several years ago, and away I went.  Now it’s cups and kettles and infusers and leaves, and it’s in a big breadbox, and in the cabinets, and in the pantry, and in my bedroom.


Maybe someday I’ll have a chance to make you some hot tea on a cold winter day in my little kitchen, or some iced tea on a hot day.  Or maybe you’d like to try the whole tea thing yourself? 

I can tell you some of my favorites!  And some factoids about tea!

Did you know that tea contains caffeine, only it is released much more slowly than in coffee?  Tea is a more gentle wake-up, and without the coffee crash.  According to my brochure from Zhi Tea, high-grade tea contains L-theanine, which “directly stimulates the production of alpha brain waves, which calms the body and promotes a state of relaxed awareness.”  I definitely prefer the relaxed awareness to jittery hyper awareness.

And there are different types of tea–black, oolong (floral-ey, and nutty in flavor), green (retains very high levels of antioxidants and minerals), white (rare, delicate, mild, with a melon/honey flavor, and has the highest level of antioxidants), red (no bitterness, great anti-aging properties, caffeine-free), and herbal (soooo many different medicinal uses).

Whatever your taste, there is a tea for you.  Love floral scents and tastes? Maybe this.  Fruits? This!  Chocolate? Here you go.  Three that I like very much, and can find at my local Kroger, are this, this, and this.  (That Bigelow one, by the way, has up to 80 mg of caffeine per cup.  That’s quite something.  And it is delicious, I think.  But I’m also crazy for honey.)  My favorite splurge is this.  If you are at my house and I make you Tower of London, it probably means I am married to you, or you are me, or….


Yeah, so tea is great.  And if it’s too hot for hot stuff, any of it can be made into iced tea.  Let’s make it on the weekend, tote it to work, beat the heck out of that afternoon slump, hydrate our bodies with really good stuff, eliminate those pesky free radicals, be all “hello, unique amino acid”, maybe reduce some fat deposits and cholesterol, and increase our metabolisms. Yay! Tea!

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