Unlike the last few posts, this one is not inspired by a girl named Sherry.

Just kidding. It is.

How Sherry makes oatmeal:


If you’re on-the-go, maybe try this:

Instead of using a stove-top kettle, heat your water in an electric one while you’re brushing your teeth or yelling at  politely asking your kids to get in the car.


Pour your ingredients into one of these clippy-lid mugs, put the lid on, and take it to work.  If you have a fairly short commute, it should be cooked and nicely warm by the time you get there.


Those wee soup mugs are nice for other things, too.  I can fit an actual can of soup in one with the lid on, tote it about, open the can at lunch, pour it into the mug and heat it in the microwave.  Or put two eggs in it, break the eggs into it at lunch, scramble them, and heat them in the microwave.  (Have you ever done this? If not, just scramble the eggs with a fork, and then heat them in 15 second increments, stopping to break them up a bit with the fork, until done to your liking. Salt/pepper to taste, and sprinkle in some cheese or bacon crumbles or Parmesan or feta or salsa, or whatever.)

So that’s that.

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