A Great Place To Start

A few years ago (2? 3? cannot remember), my friend Amber told me about eMeals.  I am pretty sure that I’m the last person on Earth to have heard of it–and that’s quite normal for me.  I’m a girl who can spend an hour at a time reading (and chuckling at, it’s so delightful!) my Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, or hours rereading The Count of Monte Cristo.  And with, like, maybe two exceptions, I cannot focus on a television.  At all.  So, yeah, I’m always the last to hear about cool stuff.

But just in case you live in your own Jane-Austen-wallpapered world as well, let me tell you about eMeals.

Basically, you pick one of their meal plans, then every week you get recipes and shopping lists tailored to your grocery store of choice.  For someone like me who does not particularly enjoy meal planning (or cooking, really), this is a revelation.  We’ve gone with their Low-Carb plan for awhile now.  Besides taking away the stress of making menus and shopping lists every week, it did some other great things for me as well.  First, the recipes gradually helped me stock my pantry and fridge with healthy staples, and I learned to just keep that stuff on hand.  Secondly, I began to incorporate more diverse spices into my cooking repertoire–spices I had never purchased because why? I had no idea how to use them–thyme, Chinese 5-spice, rosemary.  I know; a laughable confession to place before you.  But I just never branched out much from salt, pepper, and garlic.  But now I do!  I have a huge binder full of recipes that I make again and again.  The third thing that eMeals helped me learn, and perhaps the most important, was to get in the habit of pulling out my cutting board and chopping up veggies or mushrooms nearly every time I cooked.  At first this was a tough habit to establish.  I didn’t like dirtying up my knives and chopper-thingys, or cleaning the huge cutting board off in my little sink, or drying the cutting board and putting it away.  I didn’t enjoy washing all that produce, or cutting it, or crying over the onions.  But then it became repetitive, then natural, and now it’s (almost) calming.  I just stand there and chop and think and listen to something simmering or boiling or steaming, and it’s just this is what I do.

I am a girl who can put a dinner together.  A decent one.  With chopped things!

I was thinking that if you ever need a meal overhaul, that you could consider eMeals.  And if you do, Google a coupon code for it!  Or keep an eye on a Groupon for it.

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